2016 Let's Build Up entrepreneurship Skills Bulgaria

Fighting unemployment, dreaming of your own business, making ideas into action, learning about being different, respecting others, be tolerant and knowledgeable about the Roma people and the obstacles Roma youth faces every day, building important entrepreneurship skills, learning in an inter-cultural environment are some of the sessions covered in the International course “Let’s build up entrepreneurship skills” with the participation of 33 young persons from 10 different countries – Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Greece, Jordan and Spain.

The course which is taking place on  03rd – 13th May, 2016 in the town of Bansko, is organized by ADRA Bulgaria and financed by the Erasmus + programme, KA1 Action, Mobility of youth workers.
The aim of the project is to meet the needs for social cohesion and sustainable development across EU and non-EU countries, by organizing a 9-day international course with a variety of activities. The activities include: interactive workshops, lecture and practice sessions, study visits, guest speakers, multi-cultural evenings, NGO fair and open space sessions. The qualified and experienced trainers from Macedonia and Bulgaria, together with the project staff facilitate the training and present the topics using a participatory approach and informal learning methods, provoking critical thinking, sharing, exchanging of ideas and putting dreams into action.


Organizator: ADRA BULGARIA http://adra.bg/?page_id=5019