Breaking the Stigmas

“The Roma” documentary depicts the life of the Belarusian Roma community, its history, customs, and traditions. The Roma people made their way to Belarus about 600 years ago and are now one of the largest ethnic minorities in the country. Roma are often seen as outsiders as they hold to their ways of life instead assimilating fully into the dominate culture. Through interesting stories and appealing people the documentary tries to break the stigmas that exist about the Roma and promote the view that differences should be embraced. The film includes interviews with the leaders of the Roma Diaspora and Roma people leaving in the Oshmyany district, where more than half of this ethnic population are employed and integrated into society.  Representatives of the local authorities, the Office for Ethnic and Legal Affairs, and the local Roma community took part in the presentation of the documentary. The event concluded with a concert of traditional Gypsy song, music, and dance performed by a talented local folk group “Dzana Roma”. The authors of the documentary also distributed a number of CDs with film copies for free.

Performance of "Dzana Roma” Gypsy folk group