2020-03-16 Roma Civil Monitor project

Roma Civil Monitor is a pilot project with the full title of ‘Capacity building for Roma civil society and strengthening its involvement in the monitoring of national Roma integration strategies’.

2012-12-22 Montessori method for orienting and motivating Adults

   The MOMA project takes in to account the main principles of liberal education being addressed to people from vulnerable social groups who more need the participation to Grudvigt initiatives.

2013-02-12 Contribution to the Role of Education Educating Educators

"Contribution to the Role of Education - Educating Educators" (CORE) project aims to promote Roma educational integration through developing project products (Compendium of best practices in Roma educational integration, Manual on Roma History and Culture, introductive material on Work- Life Balance as recommended skills, online platform with these and other useful materials) and provision of training on them. Encouraging and strengthening international networking in the  eld of Roma educational integration, CORE project aims to contribute to establishing more Roma-friendly social environment where Roma pupils will be given equal chances…

2013-02-12 Professional education of experts for better future o intellectually disabled Roma

The Roma with intellectual disabilities are doubly marginalized: firstly, due to the fact that they are Roma and secondly, for being people with special needs. Roma are being stigmatized by society in general on a daily basis, which can be seen in non-acceptance in the general society (xenophobia and racism), very poor and lack of education, high level of unemployment, poor living standard, etc. The situation is even more worrying with regard to Roma with intellectual disabilities. They are often not accepted in their own society. The Roma are not familiar with the term “intellectual disability”, they do not know how to treat these people properly, where to find help or where to seek their rights and they are usually pushed to the margins of their own society.

2012-05-01 My Beautiful School, a place where it is possibile to be happy

"MBS - My Beautiful School, a place where it is possibile to be happy" is a European project aiming at the actualization of the Montessori and Hallgarten didactical approach for the inclusion of Roma in the educative community and having the main objective of:

2012-01-14 Participatory Video and social Skills for Training disadvantaged Adults

The goal of this approach is to use informal instruments and tools in order to create an informal learning environment suitable for involving different categories either of adults and students. 

2012-01-14 Prosociality Sport Club - Prosociality for Integration and Multiculturalism

Prosociality Sport Club is a project co-funded with support of the European Union and run by a Consortium of schools and education centres coming from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Spain with the main purpose of supporting the fight against the early drop-out in secondary school by groups at risk of marginalization, through the development of their social and emotional competences, to support their permanence in the formal education and their participation in higher education.

2011-10-13 Early modern painting history

  Project EMPATHY aims to improve social inclusion through ART. Seven countries - Austria, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and the UK - will work with different disadvantaged groups - older learners in rural areas, migrants, disabled, Roma -  to increase their European cultural understanding. Arts-based activities will be used to support the personal development of adults who are disadvantaged through social isolation or lack of cultural opportunities or have few academic qualifications or experience of travelling abroad.