Mission of www.roma.lt

Even though computerization level in Lithuania is not high, situation is changing dramatically. Due to understanding that up to date means of communication provide new possibilities/horizons for exchange of information and ideas, there is an enormous increase in number of Internet sites. It's been a long time that a need for Internet site for Lithuanian gypsies emerged. The idea of www.roma.ltproject is to step into the breach in the area of Lithuanian Internet sites.

The first Romany Internet site in Lithuania aims at:

  • introducing the site visitors to Romany culture, history, and current situation;
    providing opportunity for the Romany to address the problems, which the Romany minority in Lithuania encounters;
  • presenting current affairs of the Romany, activities and projects of their communities and various state and public organizations;
  • presenting up to date information about current affairs of the Romany, future events, and important news for the Romany.

The site provides information in Lithuanian, English, and Russian, thus it is available for web site visitors in Lithuania and abroad. We hope this will facilitate access to information about the Romany in Lithuania and serve to exchange information with foreign and international Romany organizations, interested bodies and persons.