2011-07-21 Roma strategy: quality at stake

Both the Hungarian Presidency and the European Commission emphasised the responsibility of Roma organisations, at the fifth meeting of the European Roma Platform in Budapest on 8 April 2011. According to EU organisations, their involvement is necessary to prevent Member States from watering down the strong proposal of the Commission.

2011-04-11 YouTube - Europe's Shame - 10 million Roma facing discrimination

YouTube - Europe's Shame - 10 million Roma facing discrimination

2011-04-11 The time for change is now

Strasbourg, 6 April 2011: This years celebration of the International Roma Day, 8th April, takes place at a time of important change. Recent events in North Africa and the Middle East have forced many of us to think again about our attitudes, encouraging us happily to believe once again that anything is possible. The Spring revolutions are a thrilling and uplifting example of the irresistible force of people eager for change and with nothing to lose. The images of the thousands of people demonstrating for their basic human rights had a resonance far beyond their national boundaries. As Roma, we need the spirit of the spring revolutions right here in Europe. The time for change is now.


Budapest, 8 April 2011: On the occasion of the 40th International Roma Day and the 5th European Roma Platform, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) recalls the many human rights issues that continue to affect Romani communities in Europe.

2011-04-10 People pray at the Moscow River about Gypsies and let flowers float along the river

Moscow, April 8, Interfax - The memorial service to commemorate Gypsies who lost their lives in World War II was held on Friday at the Bersenevskaya Embankment in Moscow.

2011-04-07 Commission wants Roma kids at school

Making sure that all Roma children go to school is a top priority for the European Commission, which presented proposals yesterday (5 April) for each EU member state to develop a national strategy for Roma integration by the end of the year.

National strategies should include specific targets and measures for increasing Roma people's access to education, employment, health care, housing and essential services, the Commission said.

2011-07-21 Roma Integration: Commission framework considerable step in the right direction

Press Release of Lívia Járóka MEP and Manfred Weber MEP


"The framework for coordinating national Roma integration strategies presented today by the European Commission is undoubtedly a considerable step in the right direction", said Lívia Járóka MEP, Rapporteur of the EU Strategy on Roma Inclusion. The document adopts many key recommendations set by the Járóka Report.

2011-03-13 Parliament calls for EU strategy on Roma inclusion

The European Parliament on 9 March threw its weight behind an EU-wide strategy to support the social inclusion of Roma communities, but the European Commission is insisting that this should mainly be seen as the responsibility of national governments.

2011-02-23 Breaking the Stigmas

A presentation of a 39-minute documentary film titled “The Roma of Belarus” took place in Oshmyany, Grodno region on February 12 at the local Recreation Center (Palace of Culture). The event concluded a yearlong U.S. Embassy Small Grants program-funded project of TV Studio “Brentstar”. The goal of the project was to create four documentaries about ethnic minorities in Belarus, among them “The Russians”, “The Tatar”, “The Lithuanians” and “The Roma”. The documentaries will become part of a series called “Inflorescence” covering the largest ethnic diasporas in Belarus. The series will soon start to run on Belarusian TV.