People pray at the Moscow River about Gypsies and let flowers float along the river

The service held by head of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin was attended by several dozen representatives of the Federal National and Cultural Autonomy of Gypsies. They were holding red carnations and candles in their hands.

Addressing the people present at the memorial service, Father Vsevolod mentioned that these "people which consists of travellers and romantics became the people of sufferers in the 20th century as many Gypsies were tortured to death in concentration camps, tragically lost their lives, put under repressions and died in the fronts of World War II."

According to him, mourning, despair and despondency is hardly the best thing we can do to commemorate the dead.

"Your people show a lot of energy and optimism in the most tragic situations, therefore there should be no place for despair, so that historic tragedies not cast us down or paralyze our will," Father Vsevolod said.

He urged the participants to pray "that God made all our people in Russia live so that to avoid such tragic events in history."

In the end of the ceremony the participants let the flowers and wreaths float along the Moscow River.