The Salvation Army's work with Roma across Europe

 The report attempts to map the work of The Salvation Army with Roma in Europe, datailing the work carried out in 12 countries where we are particulary active with the Roma population. The Salvation Army works  with Roma through both the provision of social services and through engaging Roma in church community life. In many cases, as you will see in the country reports, the two are integrated but one is not a prequisite for the other(The Salvation Army clearly states in its mission statement that we serve and meet human needs without discrimination).
The authors hope that this report reflects the large variety and diversity of our work, from after-school programmes and pre-school education, community centres, drop-in centres and shelters,  health care and medical assistance, employment support and training, legal advice, homelessness prevention and housing support, atc. through to youth groups, mothers/parenting meetings, Bible studies, and music groups. The work is based on the understanding that humans are holistic beings and therefore many of the projects take an integrated approach, as meeting the "human" dimention and spiritual needs of people is an essential part of the work.
Pleasse find attached the report