2012-08-02 Roma Holocaust Day commemorated in Lithuania

02/08/2012 - On August 2nd, Lithuanian Roma Community leaders organized a ceremony to mark the International day of remembrance for the Roma Holocaust. http://vilnius.usembassy.gov/news-events/roma-holocaust-day-commemorated-in-lithuania.html


2012-04-13 In spite of the efforts made by NGOs and the distribution of EU funds ...

On International Roma Day, which falls on 8 April, the significant proportion of Europe’s 12 million Roma who live in deplorable conditions will not have much to celebrate. And poverty is not the only worry for the community.

2012-03-29 The Queen of the Gypsies Music and winner of the Romane Romnja Award 2012 - Piroschka Triska our cultural ambassador

Culture and Education is very important to us and our children. Old patterns have to pass it sometimes, to look into the future. Goals to achieve in life, and believe.

2012-03-29 The Time Has Come for Roma Integration in Lithuania

On the 21st March the world celebrated the International Day of Elimination of Ethnic and Racial Discrimination and the European-wide Action Week against Racism lasted from 17th to 25th of March. 


28/03/2012 - Dale Farm families, who have become a symbol of resistance through a bitter, ten-year campaign to hold onto their land, received the welcome news this week of active backing from Roma on the other side of Europe.

2012-03-29 International Roma Day in the EP

The Bulgarian EPP Group Delegation organized a celebration in the European Parliament honouring the International Roma Day.

2012-03-20 8th April: A Call for Unity!

Roma around the world celebrate this day in tribute of the first World Roma Congress held in Orphington, near London in 1971. 

2012-03-14 Reform with a Bulldozer

The Lithuanian mayor who crushed a car with a tank makes a similar, and controversial, move against an illegal Roma settlement.

2012-02-22 Demolition of Roma settlement in Lithuania

Is the demolition of Roma settlement a beginning of mayor’s pre-elections campaign? http://media.efhr.eu/archives/677